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Dissertation Proposal Writing Services

One of the major writing tasks that are considered to be mandatory in order to achieve Master’s degree is dissertation. Dissertation is considered as a stepping stone to Master’s degree as it holds about half of the total degree marks. But before starting with the dissertation writing process, it is essential to draft a dissertation proposal. Dissertation proposal is nothing but a formal document which clarifies the idea to the student and the supervisor on what will be done in the dissertation. Dissertation proposal helps define the problem statement to make the topic manageable in terms of time and desired output which means it has to be perfectly and powerfully written. However, writing a dissertation proposal is an arduous task. Some of the challenges faced by a student while writing a proposal are:

  1. Selecting a unique, novel and right research topic
  2. Developing a research question
  3. Inability to find appropriate resources
  4. Structuring the content

To assist the proposal writing easy, at DissertationService, offer dissertation proposal writing services in UK through our team of expert native British writers. The dissertation proposal writers at DissertationService are subject matter experts and are themselves PhD holders from top Universities. They have been in this industry for over the years and have helped students in crafting an exceptional dissertation proposal. Our team of dissertation proposal writers in UK are well-aware of the writing guidelines set by various Universities and high impact journals. Also, they have adept knowledge about different formatting styles including APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard etc. This gives them the potential to implement the formatting style as demanded by your University.

At DissertationService, as a thumb rule, we normally use publications of last 4-5 years for writing literature review section in the proposal. One of the important and difficult parts of a literature review is exhibition of critical understanding of the literature. It is not simply paraphrasing the existing work or writing an essay. Higher order intellectual skills are required to bring about a good literature review. From the literature review, research gap is derived and research questions are formulated.

Sample Content Structure of a Dissertation Proposal:

  1. Title
  2. Introduction
  3. Problem Statement
    1. Establish clear purpose of study
    2. Review important literature
    3. Depicting how results of literature research are related to the study
    4. Indicate how this study might contribute
  4. Research problem and hypothesis
    1. Statement of research problem is required in both quantitative and qualitative studies.
    2. Due care should be taken whether the research problem can be solved or not in the timeframe
    3. Exploratory studies do not require hypothesis. Formal hypothesis are especially required for quantitative research methodology.
  5. Research Methodology
    1. Listing of tools and techniques to collect and analyse data.
    2. Respondents involved.
    3. Data gathering instruments.
    4. Statistical design
    5. Validity and reliability.
  6. Assumptions and Limitations
    1. Indication of limitations and possible assumption which might be taken during the course of research.

Dissertation proposal writing services in UK offered by us is a consulting cum solutions package. A full desk research is done for topic originality and then the ideas and flow are discussed to ensure that the proposal is in line to your interest/specialisation area.